what is formatting

what is formatting

what is formatting

2. Format is also a command that prepares a blank diskette, hard drive, or another drive to hold data. If the disk or drive already contains information, all information on it would be erased. For example, if you wanted to wipe everything on your hard drive, typing “format C:” would effectively erase all data on your computer.
Format may refer to any of the following:

What is formatting
1964, in the meaning defined at sense 1
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What is formatting
You can also set the formatting before you type by clicking the appropriate button or using the shortcut, and then anything you subsequently type will be formatted. To unset the formatting, you click the same command button or use the same shortcut. So you can see that these commands act like toggles.
Formatting text in Microsoft Word involves tasks like bolding the text, italicising it, and changing the font and size. The commands to perform all of these formatting tasks are found on the Home tab in the Font group. Select your text and then click on the required formatting button to see the effects.

%x/%X – Integers in hex representation (lowercase/uppercase)
To use two or more argument specifiers, use a tuple (parentheses):

Using different placeholder values:
The values are either a list of values separated by commas, a key=value list, or a combination of both.

What is formatting

You can change the size of the image by clicking and dragging any of the boxes in the corners.



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