the rules of abstraction

the rules of abstraction

the rules of abstraction

This work was supported by a grant from the state of Bavaria (Bayerischer Habilitations-Förderpreis).
Abstraction techniques for the verification of reactive systems promise to provide a theoretical basis for the integration of automatic and interactive proof techniques. In this paper, we give an account of homomorphic abstraction by studying a series of proof rules in Lamport’s Temporal Logic of Actions. We believe that the main advantage of a logical formalization of abstraction is that it points towards more refined abstraction techniques. Specifically, we demonstrate two novel techniques that appear helpful in the verification of liveness properties over abstract models.

The rules of abstraction
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Collings’ talent was to make his programme feel very much like visiting a gallery in a new city on a sunny day with an erudite friend. We were allowed to take long looks a lot of beautiful, wildly incomprehensible art, while Collings stood in the corner of the frame and gentle urged us to keep an open mind.
In short, he resisted the temptation to chin-stroke. And with a beard that lustrous, it must have been a fierce temptation indeed.

The rules of abstraction
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This exciting, risk taking workshop will use study artists for discussion as you explore what abstract art really is and how to achieve it and what can be used. There will be warm up exercises and exploration of approaches before working on a final piece of work. The workshop will include truth materials, colour and composition.

Leigh Claire La Berge; The Rules of Abstraction : Methods and Discourses of Finance . Radical History Review 1 January 2014; 2014 (118): 93–112. doi:
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