summarised uk

summarised uk

summarised uk

Here we have only to summarise and characterise the work of the great architects whom Justinian employed to rebuild his city.
Having given honour for the idea where it is due, I may be permitted to summarise it myself for the sake of brevity.

Summarize is more common in American English, where summarise is rarely used.

Each post has an indicator which summarises who the post is shared.

A compendium of critical appraisals in Intensive Care Medicine research and related specialties
Welcome to The Bottom Line (TBL). This site has been built to create a compendium of all the landmark papers which are shaping the way we manage our critically ill patients. Each paper has been summarised and critiqued using a standard template and ends with a ‘bottom line’ conclusion to allow a quick reminder of the key points. All papers are reviewed and cross checked by the editorial group. We take this seriously and spend time getting it accurate and as helpful for our readers as possible. If you think we have got it wrong, please let us know or use it as a discussion in the comments section. The main value of this site is the discussion of these papers and the contribution of the global FOAM community. We hope you enjoy!

This guidance is split into four sections which describe the professional values and behaviours we expect from any doctor registered with us. We expect you to use your professional judgement and expertise to apply the principles in this guidance to the various situations you face.
It was further updated on 29 April 2019 to remove the sub-heading ‘honesty’ from immediately before paragraph 65.

Simple Politics does things differently. We exist to help you have better conversations about the issues and the changes that matter. We do so by being clear, accurate and impartial. Also, light-hearted, engaging and occasionally (but not as often as we think) amusing.
Unfortunately giving things away for free isn’t a great business model. We’ve never been business people. But. We do need to make this work.


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