report titles

report titles

report titles

Reports are divided into two groups.

  • Standard reports come configured with the application and cannot be modified or deleted. If you want to change a standard report, create a copy of it and then modify the copy.
  • Custom reports are ones that either you created from scratch or are copies of standard reports. The owner of the report has full access to modifying the report title. Other users cannot update report parameters, but they can override the Report Type, determine whether the report displays on the Reports menu, and change the icon associated with the report.

The form below is intended to provide assistance to those clubs who wish to:

  • Start subscription to New Titles of Record
  • Terminate subscription to New Titles of Record
  • Change designated recipient of New Titles of Record

Report titles
If you create any RDL files outside of iMIS , you can give them this functionality by adding the ReportTitle parameter on the XML tab:
IQA adds a parameter to its SRSS reports to let users modify the report title at run-time, so that the title that displays on the report is changed just for that run. To prevent users from changing report titles at run-time, you just disable the Modify field at runtime checkbox on the reports you save.


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