reference abbreviation

reference abbreviation

reference abbreviation

Yes, you can abbreviate institutional and agency names.
If your reference entry is:

Some of the more often used examples are listed here:

Standard rules. In the preparation of camera-ready copy for IAU publications, the titles of serials should be abbreviated in accordance with the list given in Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts, which is in turn based on the recommendations of the appropriate international organisations (e.g., see ICSU AB 1978). The following guidelines should be adopted for any words not included in this list: (a) articles, conjunctions and prepositions should usually be ignored; (b) a sufficient number of letters of other words should be included to suggest to a scientist the full words and to avoid ambiguity; and =A9 the names of places, except principal= capital cities, should be given in full. The initial letters of the abbreviations for an adjective should be given in lower case (small type), except where it forms part of a proper name. An acronym should not normally be used for the name of an organisation unless it is so used in the full title of the serial. If a title consists of one word it is usually given in full. A list of the principal abbreviations that are recommended for use in astronomical publications is given in Table 1A.

A. Abbreviations recommended for use in astronomical publications

Subsequent citations:
Below are a few examples of commonly cited sources that often incorporate abbreviations. Also consult our Abbreviations page for more information about abbreviations in APA and our Common Reference List Examples page for some examples of reference list entries.


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