Ydalir school an kindergarten is built with consistently environmentally friendly solutions, both for material use, energy supply and technical facilities.
Ydalir school and kindergarten was nominated to “Construction of the year 2019”

G. C. TIAO, N. R. DRAPER, Bayesian analysis of liner models with two random components with special referance to the balanced incomplete block design, Biometrika, Volume 55, Issue 1, March 1968, Pages 101–117,
In this paper we consider liner models which contain two random components and enable representation of general designs with block effects random. We show how, within a Bayesian framework, to combine the intra-and inter-block information about the location parameters. The balanced incomplete block design, an important special case, is considered in detail and illustrated by an example. A simple approximation to the marginal distribution of an individual contrast is also presented and illustrated.

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