list of authors names

list of authors names

list of authors names

  • Authors.
  • Year of publication (in round brackets).
  • Title of article (in single quotation marks).
  • Title of journal (in italics and capitalise first letter of each word in title, except for linking words such as and, of, the, for).
  • Volume number.
  • Issue number (in brackets).
  • Page numbers of article preceded by p. for one page, pp. if multiple pages.
  • doi: if available.

To be made up of:

Remove variations from Terms List.

  1. Search for every record with the author’s name.
  2. Select one version for the name
  3. Replace any variation with the preferred format.

Welcome to the International Plant Names Index (IPNI) produced by a collaboration between The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Harvard University Herbaria, and The Australian National Herbarium, hosted by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. IPNI provides nomenclatural information (spelling, author, types and first place and date of publication) for the scientific names of Vascular Plants from Family down to infraspecific ranks. You can search for plant names, authors or publications in the search box above. Click the down arrow for advanced search options. New records are added daily, and the IPNI team are continuously working to improve data standardization.
IPNI provides links to protologues in online articles or page scans from the Biodiversity Heritage Library as well as links to taxonomic data (synonymy and native distribution) through the Plants of the World Online.


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