letters of reference

letters of reference

letters of reference

  • How long and in what capacity do you know the applicant?
  • Please comment on the applicant’s educational and/or professional background, especially as they relate to the quality and feasibility of the applicant’s study/research plan. Please address the applicant’s likelihood to succeed in the program of study as well as in any future career goals.

Your recommender is asked to provide a 1-2 page letter answering the following questions:

If you’d like me to write a letter of reference or recommendation letter, I’ll need the following from you:

  • A copy or a link to the description of the job, position or scholarship to which you are applying – it should say what they are looking for in a successful candidate, and should state the deadline.
  • Full instructions, preferably the web link, telling me where to send the letter or how to submit it online, if their system is not automated.
  • If for a scholarship (eg NSERC, USRA, others) your full application/proposal (what you have done and are planning to do, so I can comment on your ability to do it.)
  • An electronic copy of a recent CV or resume, and your research interests or career plans. Don’t make up anything new for me, whatever you used for the job/award is fine.
  • Any information you think may be relevant to help you get the job/scholarship/position.
  • Sufficient time: I need all the above info least one week before the due date. Also be sure to tell me the DEADLINE date.

Letters of Reference

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All applicants must provide two letters of reference. At least one of these letters must be from an academic source, but it is preferable to have two academic references.
It is important that you carefully choose the individuals who will write your letters.

We are taking a moment to reiterate the importance of recognizing and confronting implicit biases while writing letters of recommendation. Essentially all of us have some level of implicit bias; the unintentional association of certain traits with a group of people [1]. Studies have shown that in academia implicit biases can manifest in letters of reference for minority students [2].
It is important to consider these issues as you both write and letters of reference. Some more helpful tips can be found here [4].

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Email: as a PDF document attachment and to [email protected]

Letters of reference
Dr. Antje Weitz (Ms.)
[email protected] we dont want spam mpimet.mpg.de
As part of your application, we require two reference letters in support of your application.

  • extensive experience working with children with CVI in all three phases
  • expertise administering The CVI Range
  • worked extensively with families and other team members
  • demonstrated leadership related to CVI

Please include the following:

Check below for a template of a letter of reference and send it to your former bosses! If you have a Reference letter from your previous employer from your country that is written in your language, simply make your own translation of the letter and attach it to the original.
Written references are very often used by employers to assess the different candidates – especially if you have no experience in Australia yet. A letter of reference is often an essential part of your application.

The reference letter should include comments on the applicant’s potential for contributing to a globally-engaged United States science and engineering workforce, statements about the applicant’s academic potential and prior research experiences, statements about the applicant’s proposed research, and any other information to enable reviewers to evaluate the application according to the NSF Merit Review Criteria.
Reference letters are a key component of a strong application package. The most effective reference letters provide detailed and specific information about how an applicant meets the NSF Merit Review Criteria of Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts.



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