latex multiple authors

latex multiple authors

latex multiple authors

Latex multiple authors
P.S: I’m using the article class and the authors will be shown once with maketitle<> .
What about author ? It doesn’t convince me, but it might be correct.

Yes! Overleaf supports simultaneous collaborative editing like Google Docs.
The technology that powers our collaborative editing is called Operational Transformation, or OT for short. Your edits on Overleaf are sent back to the server every few seconds and saved. If two or more people edit the file at at the same time, the server is able to “rebase” each change on top of the other change, so that all of the clients end up at the same version. To notify clients of changes made by other clients, we use web sockets, which are a relatively new technology that allows servers to push updates to connected clients.

and lists of names should be separated with and . For example:
Names should be expressed in one of the forms

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Hello, glad it’s of some use — for others than just me.

To format a title page for multiple student authors:
The APA Help guide has a sample paper with a title page.


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