latex keywords

latex keywords

latex keywords

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Adding Keywords to the LaTeX Template

Latex keywords
How do I go about sorting this out? Thanks.
Problem solved! Am grateful. I did this by going to the macros menu where I created and saved the keyword environment macros (saved as “elskeyword” in my case). The rest was handled by command below

Thanks in advance!
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I am trying to use an algorithm in bookdown and I’d like the keywords to be bold. As an example, I would like to replicate the example here:
I am able to see the pseudocode when I build the book, but I am not able to get the bold keywords. I have placed the following into preamble.tex:

You can apply keywords to all references and knowledge items. You can either formulate keywords yourself (see applying keywords) or you can import keywords after an online search.
When you apply keywords, you should make sure that they are meaningful. They’re only helpful if they accurately and precisely describe the content of a reference. You may need different types of keywords depending on whether you are applying them to a reference or a knowledge item:

My needs are satisfied with the following template, which modifies the margins and adds my usually needed packages.
When preparing a new LaTeX manuscript, we often do not know to which journal it will be submitted. Then we need a nice style to present the content. Likewise to reports and the likes.

The paper submission procedure is automated in EasyChair. When you submit your article, EasyChair will check that you use the right style, extract some information from your paper (for example, the list of authors) and ask you to check this information.
EasyChair uses information you provided with the submission in the published volumes. This includes title, authors, abstract and keywords/keyhrases. They can be used by others when they search for information, so please check them carefully before submission.


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