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  • argument,
  • argumentation,
  • argy-bargy
  • [ chiefly British ],
  • back-and-forth,
  • colloquy,
  • confab,
  • confabulation,
  • conference,
  • consult,
  • consultation,
  • council,
  • counsel,
  • debate,
  • deliberation,
  • dialogue
  • ( also dialog ) ,
  • give-and-take,
  • palaver,
  • parley,
  • talk

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I think there’s to be some sort of a discussion, but I’m not sure.
After supper, Mr. Palfrey opened the discussion on Marriage.

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Reform of public sector data use will help us build a better Australia. Streamlining and modernising how the Government shares data, while ensuring privacy and security, can support policy and programs, services and research to:

  • Improve access to the information and services Australians need, without having to provide multiple areas of government with the same information.
  • Enable more smart and efficient services, like pre-filling forms that save time.
  • Inform decisions to prioritise funding when and where it is needed, for services such as education, regional development, transport, and health services.
  • Provide greater access to data for accredited researchers, scientists and innovators to help make Australia‚Äôs economy, environment and society healthier into the future.



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