consisting of both letters and figures

consisting of both letters and figures

consisting of both letters and figures

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Alphanumeric passwords are much harder for a hacker to crack than plain alphabetic passwords, since the number of possible combinations is so much greater. License plates usually contain both letters and numbers, since, for a big state or country, the plate wouldn’t be large enough to fit enough numbers for everyone. In computing, the standard alphanumeric codes, such as ASCII, may contain not only ordinary letters and numerals but also punctuation marks and math symbols.

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This is in a program I am making that doesn’t work if anything other than A–Z is entered.

Consisting of both letters and figures
If the first is B, we have #26# possibilities:
The same applies for the three digits.
There are #10# choices for the first, #10# for the second and #10# for the third:

The genetic code consists of a sequence of three letter “words” (sometimes called ‘triplets’, sometimes called ‘codons’), written one after another along the length of the DNA strand.
Some amino acids are only coded for by a single ‘word’, while some others are coded for by up to four ‘words’. The genetic code is redundant.


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