conference abstract

conference abstract

conference abstract

Who will be reading your abstract? Whether you are submitting to a field-specific or general conference, make sure the language you use can be easily understood by your target audience. Field-specific language may be appropriate for specialized conferences, however plain language must be used for conferences that cover a wide range of fields.
Communicating your research is an important part of being a scientist. While submitting an abstract to a national conference can seem overwhelming, it is one of the best ways to communicate your science and get your research in front of a large audience.

Please note that if your abstract is selected for an oral or poster presentation, a full paper is still required and must be submitted by the deadline now 3rd December 2020 ( due to new conference dates)
The Technical Programme Committee ( TPC) have completed their selection of abstracts for oral or poster presentations, and we will be able to confirm by email to all submitting authors of their abstract status before May 1st 2020.

This information provides the basis for the review and programme selection process, so please make sure to address all three aspects.
The abstract should contain new scientific work that has not been presented in another conference. Authors are invited to carefully read the topic descriptions and select the topic and subtopic which most closely matches the key novelty of their work.

Conference abstract
ARPHA Conference Abstracts allows for innovative publication of extended abstracts that may in addition to the narrative include also data, images, videos and multimedia. Video recordings of conference talks or graphic files of poster presentations can be uploaded in bulk after the conference and visualized on each abstract page. Conference organisers are given the opportunity to subdivide their abstract collections by different symposia, workshops or sections, managed and edited by their respective conveners.
ARPHA Conference Abstracts (ACA) is a novel, open access, human- and machine-readable platform designed to assist conference organisers and participants in authoring, submission, peer review, editorial management, publication and dissemination of conference abstracts in any field of science, published with DOI in semantic HTML, XML and PDF formats.

1. Try a range of years for your search. Depending on where the conference was held, and who sponsored it, the proceedings can take 2-3 years to become published. Cited works may have a different dates or vary in title of the proceedings publication. There is often a year of publication and a year the conference was actually held.
2. Sometimes the entire conference is cited or published under a special title. Try searching for a conference title or an editor, rather than the abstract or paper author / abstract title.

To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow up process, please consider the following guidelines, information, tips, terms and deadlines mentioned.
Once you prepared your abstract according to the above guidelines,


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