Month: August 2020

biology guide

Welcome to the DP Biology guide This website is a little different to other IB biology websites. Instead of containing lots of content and information about biology it instead focusses on

what does conclusion mean in science

See below. A conclusion is a short paragraph that discusses the overall results of an experimental procedure and explains whether the proposed hypothesis at the beginning of the experiment was correct or not. It can also be discussed in the conclusion further experiments or test that could be done to support your findings in the current experiment. This part could also be called perspectives. Here is an example of an experiment that explains more about this topic. It is entitled: Introduction to Scientific Investigation.

headings and subheadings

Numbering chapters, headings and subheadings is not mandatory, but the heading levels must be clearly distinguished. If you do number the headings, the numbering must be sequential and accurate. Please use bolding or a larger font to ensure they are easy to find. Italics are not as effective, as they do not reproduce as clearly on a screen. Do not use coloured headings.

methods journal

Methods journal Materials and Methods offers rapid publication of review articles about laboratory methods and reagents, and research protocols. The journal fosters effective communication