Month: January 2018

how do you write

How do you write When to use “US” and when to use “U.S.”? – Mianxiu, China Answer This is an excellent question and a hard one to answer, because the rules are changing all the time. You

latex word count

wordcount – Estimate the number of words in a L a T e X document The package provides a relatively easy way of estimating the number of words in a L a T e X document that does not require dvitty

conference abstract

Communicating your research is an important part of being a scientist. Submitting an abstract is your first step to getting a chance to communicate your science in front of a large audience. Remember to clearly state the hypothesis or statement of purpose and tie the results and conclusions back to the hypothesis or statement of purpose. Learn more tips in this article.

word limit

7.10 Going Over the Word Limit Different assessments have different word lengths specified for them; it is important that you keep to the word length specified for each assessment at all times on