The Techniques of Dylan Cole 2
Gnomon - The Techniques of Dylan Cole 2
Introduction to Cityscape Matte Painting
Requirements: 1280x1024 (1024x768) , Quicktime , Flash, Acrobat
Language: English | Duration:> 3 hours | Format: DVD-ISO | 4.06 GB
  • In this DVD, Dylan discusses the fundamentals of cityscape matte painting by demonstrating how to design a shot, both from a plate and from scratch. Intended for the beginning to intermediate matte painter, the quick studies in this lecture explore the necessary color and composition techniques for creating dynamic cityscapes. Learn how to lead the viewer’s eye through a composition by manipulating light, color and line.

Establish accurate linear perspective by taking cues from the plate and learn to set up an accurate 3 point perspective grid from scratch. A variety of architecture and lighting scenarios are explored, from sunset to bright daylight, and science fiction to old world. Enjoy this inside look into the art of digital matte painting. Included in this DVD are the original layered Adobe Photoshop® files in addition to the original plate photography.

Working with a Plate
Choosing a Palette
Creating a Visual Path
Quick Digital Color Sketching
Set Extension
Realistic Lighting
2 Point Perspective
3 Point Perspective
Atmospheric Perspective

1. Three Warm-Up Cities
2. Sci-Fi City on the Water
3. Fictional Chinese City part 1
4. Fictional Chinese City part 2
5. Stormy City part 1
6. Stormy City part 2
7. City at Dusk
8. Old World City at Sunset





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