The Techniques of Dylan Cole 3
Gnomon - The Techniques of Dylan Cole 3
Advanced Digital Matte Painting
Requirements: 1280x1024 (1024x768) , Quicktime , Flash, Acrobat
Language: English | Duration:> 3 hours | Format: DVD-ISO | 4.46 GB
  • Building upon the foundation of his first two DVDs, Dylan takes you through the entire matte painting process, from pencil sketch to color study to final rendering. He demonstrates many techniques he uses in production, from various types of photo manipulation to hand painting methods.

Many challenges are addressed, such as skies, water, architecture, linear perspective and atmospheric perspective. You will also learn how to relight a painting as Dylan transforms a daylight scene into a sunset shot. As an added bonus, the original photo references and the final Adobe Photoshop® file are included in this DVD-ROM.

Realistic Lighting
Digital Painting
Photo Manipulation
Micro Composition
Linear Perspective
Atmospheric Perspective
Non-destructive Painting
Problem Solving

1. Color Sketch and the Sky
2. Creating the Hills
3. Creating the Foreground
4. Adding Detail and Distant Buildings
5. Creating the Main Buildings
6. Detailing the Buildings
7. Refining the Painting
8. Cloud Shadows and Final Details
9. Re-Lighting for Sunset




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