Zero to Hero: $20K per month in 20 Months

Zero to Hero: $20K per month in 20 Months

English | 2011 | MP4 | eLearning | 60MB

How An Out-of-Work ?Dust Monkey? Bootstrapped His Way to a $20K/mo Online Business

Here are some other cool nuggets that you?ll find inside this training:

* How to carve out an extra 3 hours a day for your IM business...even if you have a full-time job!

* The completely horrible story of why I pretended to be a 35 year-old soccer Mom with bad skin.

* How to avoid being taken to the cleaners by scam artists online.

* One silly thing you can do to add a thousand dollar monthly passive income stream

* My "3-month Rule" to success (miss this and you could be treading water forever)

* The secret to finding the right mentor for you

* ?Set it and forget it" money machines (these put 5 figures in my bank account every year)

* How to be "scared $hxtless"...and do it anyway.

* The most valuable 60 minutes you can spend this week?feeding your big brain!

* The "Ready, Fire, Aim" Method (the secret to crazy product creation)

* How I turned a $77 info product into a $3995 done-for-you service

Here is a list of these killer video trainings that I have created for you:

Video 1: (mp4 - 3:03) Who am I and why should you care?

Video 2: (mp4 - 5:24) The Accidental Marketer - stumbling blindly to the center of the IM jungle

Video 3: (mp4 - 8:53) "Computer Bites Man" (a love story…)

Video 4: (mp4 - 7:06) How you can add 3-4 hours of time to your day (I mean it)

Video 5: (mp4 - 6:38) How to be scared Sh*tless and do it anyway (GULP!)

Video 6: (mp4 - 11:02) Ready...Fire...Aim! My secret to taking massive action.

Video 7: (mp4 - 7:47) How to have a massive 1st product launch (So big Paypal shut me down!)

Video 8: (mp4 - 7:22) How to make 60K in 6 weeks with webinars...even if you've never done one before!

Video 9: (mp4 - 6:41) How to turn a $77 info product into a $3995 Done For You service

Video 10: (mp4 - 8:03) How to add 10,000+ people to your list in 3 months

Video 11: (mp4 - 14:41) The Extra Special Secret Sauce: 12 Guaranteed Steps to IM Success






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