Daniel Power - Airbrush Power Series Level 1
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  • Description of content collections: Excellent set for processing of virtual studios, online broadcasts, or simply to the substrate below the video. A number of different locations from the medieval courtyard to the futuristic designs of the plasma. 

Daniel Power - Airbrush Power Series Level 1
  • A HIGHLY recommended set with over 7 hours of easy to follow step-by-step instruction from Daniel Power. An airbrush DVD set that has been acclaimed by Professionals and novices alike. Daniel is an internationally acclaimed Airbrush Master, Daniel owns and operates a highly successful commercial air brush studio in Melbourne, Australia which includes several large international clients. Daniel has exhibited and worked extensively overseas and conducts air brush classes in Europe, America and Asia.
  • Learn how to airbrush with DVD’s that teach you in a comprehensive yet easy to follow process, how to create fantastic artworks with total control of the airbrush. This student-friendly home study course allows you to get the confidence to control and paint with the airbrush the way you've always wanted. You can look, learn, practice, and master these airbrushing techniques wherever you are, and the best thing is, you can watch them over and over. It’s like having the instructor there to refresh whenever you want.



Daniel Power - Airbrush Power Series Level 1
Daniel Power - Airbrush Power Series Level 1



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By abken


I have to comment as this has to be (IMO) one of the most boring airbrush training collections around. Sadly these techniques come from the Airbrush Ventura group out of Melbourne Australia. There are a lot of better and way more helpful airbrush video posts on this site. Save your download cap on this one.
18 September 2011 03:25
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