Fabian Uriarte, "Multicore Simulation of Power System Transients (Power & Energy)"
ISBN: 1849195722 | 2013 | PDF | 286 pages | 16.7 MB

"Multicore Simulation of Power System Transients introduces a notional power system model consisting of hundreds of power apparatus and is used to demonstrate how to partition and parallelize the simulation of power system transients on a multicore desktop PC.

The power system throughout Multicore Simulation of Power System Transients is discretized and formulated using the mesh and nodal methods. The author shows that the mesh method can result in matrices that are 99% sparse and that graph theory is not required. Several examples are included in this new book to conceptually show how power systems are partitioned and parallelized. To provide a reference on how fast a multicore solver can be, parallel simulation runtimes are compared against MATLAB/Simulink. Topics covered include: power system modelling in the time domain, discretisation, network formulation, network partitioning, multithreading and performance analysis"




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